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Mini Handbags One of the Top Fashion Trends for 2018

Miniature Bags or Miniature Bags are the trendiest accessories for the Spring / Summer shows

For a while small bags like clutches were left only to be worn at night or at parties. But fashion brought the minis that are being worn during the day and everywhere.

The mini bags took off on the trend appearing in the main fashion shows and falling into the taste of the fashionista on call.

As they began to appear, they were a fun answer to the popular, large-sized handbags.

Bright colors and fun patterns were the name of the game and there was a quiet and intense competition to see which mini bag could be more beautiful. They gained stripped silhouettes, intense colors and modern materials.

Essentially they have the proportions and functionality of a normal, only reduced, pouch. But there are some rules you need to follow if you want to keep the look chic and fresh. Rule number one? Think small. Really small, just to carry the basics and the necessities.

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